Compost TopdressingEnhance soil fertility and promote healthy growth with our nutrient-rich compost topdressing services.

Top Dressing your Lawn with Compost

Compost top dressing significantly increases soils water retention, making for lush green grass. Also, improves the overall soil structure, stimulates microbial activity, breaks down the lawns thatch, and neutralizes the soil’s pH creating a healthy, sustainable lawn. Top dressing a lawn with compost, is the best natural slow releasing soil amendment, which provides turf with everything it needs to thrive.

Turf Aeration with Compost Top Dressing

Topdressing after aerating and overseeding is the ideal lawn care treatments that will result in a healthier green lawn. Aeration removes plugs from the soil, allowing for better air and water movement and reduced compaction. The aeration holes provide the perfect seed bed for overseeding, allowing newer generations of grass to establish and thrive. Topdressing the aerated turf helps fill in the holes with nutrient rich compost, which naturally feeds the roots while retaining water for thirsty grass plants.

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